Us History

Us History

…the Aztecs and the Incas respectively.
– Within half a century of Columbus’ “discovery” of America, they had claimed, for Spain, territory that stretched form Colorado to Argentina.
– They spread from Cuba through Mexico and from Panama, south through Peru.
– As the Spanish crown tightened its grip on its colonies, though, the conquistadors lost more and more power.
– Most of them never achieved their dreams of glory, though a few received royal titles.
– Many of them married Indian women, creating a new class of people called mestizos.
– The mestizos formed a bridge between Latin America’s Indian and European races.

Places and Countries:
Timbuktu- Capital of the West African kingdom of Mali, a place located in the Niger River Valley.

Madeira, the Canaries, São Tomé, Pricipe-Areas where sugar plantations were established by Portugal then Spain where
African slaves were forced to work.

Potosí-A rich silver mine in Bolivia that enriched Spain with lots of wealth

Important People:

The Aztecs- native Americans who that lived in what is now Mexico and routinely offered their gods human sacrifices, these people were violent, yet built amazing pyramids and built a great civilization without having a wheel.

The Mound Builders-Indians of the Ohio River Valley.
The Mississippian settlement-At Cahokia, near present-day East St. Louis, Illionis, was home to about 40,000 people in at 1100 A.D.

Hiawatha-This was legendary leader who inspired the Iroquois, a powerful group of Native Americans in the northeaster woodlands of the U.S.
The Norse-These Vikings discovered America in about 1000 A.D., when they discovered modern-day Newfoundland. They abandoned it later due to bad conditions. …

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