The Most Dangerous Game

The Most Dangerous Game

…was the same , and what was different .

By comparing and contrasting the story to the movie. I will be addressing
similarities and differences in three catigories characters
, events , and setting
of the Most Dangerous Game.

I will talk about each of the catigories in three separate

And I will be comparing the movie to the story and the story to the movie.

I also will state how they potrea the same things and other aspectes of the movie and story that are the

same and different.

I hope you enjoy my similarity and different comparisons.

This paragraph is comparing and contrasting the personalities and appearances
of the   characters

The stories characters
were Rainsford , Zoraff,and Zoraffs man servant sorry I can’t remember his name.
Rainsford didn’t
have much of an description in the book.

He was young in his twenties and his occupation is a hunter.

Zoraff is a very experienced hunter. he has hunted since he was litte now he lives just to hunt and
displays all thing he has killed.

He is descriped as a man in his fifties.

With a beard and graish black hair.

In the movie they looked as I would have pictured him in the book.

He had a beard and dark hair .

Same goes for Rainsfordhe was youthful looking and his hair was fairly light.

But one of the differences in the movie than the book was that there was a girl in the movie she was a
main charactor .

But there was no girl in thr bookthat was one of the differences.

Also there was a man talking and dinning with the girl, Rainsford and Zoraff.

In this paragraph I will be talking about the setting. In the beginning everything is the
same Rainsfords ship goes down and hes the only survior and he washes up on to Zoraffs island.

Then he walks toward the massive ansion.then he dinnes with Zoraff.

Then Zoraff…

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