…features. This estimable person could be often for example pop star, politician, or world famous man, but it can be also a member of family or a friend. Of all the influential people throughout time of my life, I admire my father most out of anyone because of his resiliency, affection for God, giving good advice.

Body paragraph 1
Topic sentence
I personally hold a great admiration for my father because he has capability to recover readily from depression.

Example-When he was 17 years old he lost his parents. Most people in his position would be mentally broken or deprive, but he didn’t. He established his own business. He was only breadwinner of his family and raised his 6 younger sibling’s as well educated persons.

Example2-At certain time his business was not flourishing but he would not give up hope. He was going to find other ways to survive and he did. He always has a smile face despite the obstacles of real tough life. When he extremely stressed out and busy all the time he knows well how to deal with it.

Body paragraph2
My father really deserves admiration due to his never-ending love to his creator-God.

Example 1-
He always prays from core of his heart and try to establish some means of communication with God. He usually tries to lead the life the way God shows.
Example 2
He always besides the people, who is deprived, exhausted about life. He gives money to poverty stricken people and directs them as a guider because his ethic is if one could not do anything for the people, then one’s life is meaningless. He thinks people are the wonderful creation of God and it would be insignificant if we don’t forward our hand to people.

Body paragraph 3
My father always gives good suggestion through all my ups and downs in life even to unknown people also.

When I was confused to choose my carrier path, I found my father right beside me and…

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