13 Fatal Errors Managers Make

13 Fatal Errors Managers Make

…make mistakes. By doing so this will cut down the time we spend on an average day in the office. Since athletics is the most visible part of any school, there is really nowhere to hide when a mistake is made. The only thing that can be done when a mistake is encountered, is to evaluate the problem and make some changes so it will not reoccur. In this article it gives us a guideline of 10 steps to overcoming and managing mistakes that we may encounter later in life. Taken by the author, from a good friend that worked his way out of a jam found that these steps are crucial into overcoming the seemingly impossible.
1. The first step is to admit to the mistake that was made. You cannot fix a problem if there is none. Basically good leaders and role models take responsibility for their actions.

2. Since you now know the problem you can then move on and correct the mistake. Consult the victim or victims, by phone email or in person and inform them of what actions are being taken to fix the slip up.

3. Once the problem is addressed analyze how and why this mistake was made. The reason for a lot of slipups is that we may be preoccupied or swamped with paperwork, or other problems at hand. Determining the reason for how or why it happens is an important step.

4. Upon determining the reason, we move on to developing measures of prevention for reoccurring mistakes. Having a daily schedule at hand, or taking memos from assistants and having them in a visible place, prevents a lot of mistakes from happening.

5. Work off the stress that was built up, exercise or a recreational activity channels the stress and gets ride of it.

6. Forgiveness of ones self is a must. We have to remember that no one is perfect and that we all make mistakes sometimes.

7. Rely on your athletic director…

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